Squeeze Music lets you drink music.

Squeeze Music is a jukebox app allowing to create juices. The juice tastes are created from the music moods played.

Choose a music / Music choice

Let the app analyze the music moods... / Music moods analyse

... and create a juice according to the music moods. / Juice creation according to the music moods

Enjoy the juice

Happy > Sweet
Exciting > Sour
Romantic > Astringent
Sentimental > Salty
Sad > Bitter

Squeeze music uses “Gracenote timeline API” to analyze in real time, the music moods, and create an original mixed juice. The music moods are connected to 5 juice flavors.

In Asia, according to the medical traditional system, the moods are classified in 5 flavors. Each flavor in the cup affects the audience feelings.

At the end of the music, a cup of mixed juice based on the different music moods is provided.

Squeeze Music lets you drink music.